Exhibition space confirmed!

After thinking that I might end up with nowhere to display at all, I luckily ended up securing a spot at Leeds Holy Trinity Church. A beautiful building now run by Arts @ Trinity, providing leeds with various creative displays and events. Unfortunately the main room was already booked but the cafe at the back was free. Such a building seems to bare quite a bit of relevance to my somewhat morbid topic of death and grief so I snapped up the opportunity. It has great promotional opportunities for me and the festival due to its location, right next to an entrance/exit to the new Trinity shopping center so with a bit of luck, a few people may wander in to see my work. 

The work is designed to raise awareness of a subject I feel we all need to consider more openly and hopefully some people will benefit from the work positively and come to realisations of inevitability and be more at one with this matter.

The team from arts@trinity have been amazingly helpful, great bunch of people and very kindly asked me to exhibit the work for 3 weeks.


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Contact festival promotion.

I have been working along side course mates to promote our exhibitions which all contribute to the anual Contact Photo Festival.

Two people, Liz and Carl, set up the facebook and twitter and we are all helping to promote it through these social platforms. By uploading images and various posts about the ongoings of our working process for final images we hope to generate a healthy following.



149 likes on the facebook page
254 followers on the twitter page

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Working with natural light indoors




IMG_4811 IMG_4846



A few photos I took playing around with minimal natural light indoors.

Artists research: Jim Goldberg

Jim Goldberg is a Magnum photographer whose work I find bares relevance to my own upcoming exhibition due to his use of sound and image. In his work he uses a lot of dep contrasting tones which I tend to use in my own work. I definitely favour deep rich tones in my black and white work.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/39715337″>Raised by Wolves</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/jimgoldberg”>Jim Goldberg</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

This video for his collection of works, Raised by Wolves is a great example of how image and text can work well together. I will also e using video in my exhibition so it is interesting to see how he uses video in this way to showcase his work.

I like how he tends to reinforce his work with text, usually dialog from the subject. 



I really enjoy his work and have taken a lot from his use of audio and imagery and will be applying it to my own work.

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Photography and sound.

For my upcoming exhibition I will be using audio along with my images. 

Each image will have the audio from an interview carried out with the subject on their experiences of death and grief. Looking into this combination I came accross an article on the British Journal of Photography’s website which I thought I would share:

The section which speaks of audios use in photography as a “Narrative device” is what I am trying to achieve.

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Artists research: Looking at B&W photography

For my final piece I will be creating a series of black and white images shot on medium format using 120 film.

I want to look at a variety of photographers who have used black and white imagery in alternative creative ways. Not to say I will be trying anything too outrageous but I want to explore what can be done with black and white film photography. In particular I will be looking at images which I believe have a rich texture and deep tones which complement the subject matter.

Robert Mapplethorpe is a staple in the amateur photographer’s diet when hungry for beautiful imagery.



The first image here, of James Franco, is so rich in tones. I think what really grabs my attention in any of Mapplethorpe’s work is how black the blacks within the images are. It always adds so much depth to the image. This moves us on to the second image which, again, you can see the richness of the blacks create the rest of the image. without this depth, the subjects in the foreground wouldn’t have so much of a visual impact.

Erwin Blumenfeld is another photographer who used some interesting techniques to create depth in his images.

00006_1 ErwinBlumenfeld-BaniYelverton1957 274c.erwin-blumenfeld-1


Again, you can see how the deep blacks offset the subject matter to create beautiful shapes and textures. Something Mapplethorpe did a lot of.

Sally Mann is another excellent Black and White photographer, despite her somewhat controversial subject matter, the images are still very beautiful.

photo-sally-mann-the-new-mothers-1989-pst Sally-Mann-peope-17 tumblr_mb2e06usO21qb8vpuo1_1280


You can again see the richness in tones here that I am speaking of. Particularly in the first image of her daughter. The image directly above is a self portrait which I have only just discovered. Again, it’s the blacks of the vignetting that add so much drama to the image which is what always seems to attract me to black and white photography.

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RE: Business fair images

I have decided that I would like to create an exhibition out of the images taken at the business fair for my Freelance Practice module. 

On editing these images to prepare I realised that the use of colour in these images is futile. I don’t need the extra dimension that the colour adds. I feel it over complicates the work and that the reactions, the tones and the shadows generated by the minimal lighting are the key focus points here. 

Here are a few I have transformed into black and white:



I am hoping to continue this kind of work by creating a similar small studio set up at the exhibition to create some more ‘reactions’ work. If its a night event, possibly tequila shots (adults only obviously).

I will get back to you with some follow up images! 

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