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Contact Photo Festival, Leeds.

My latest work to be displayed at Holy Trinity Church, Boar Lane, Leeds.

This work is part of a collection of students displaying their photography across the city in various locations.

You can view all the participants work on these various platforms:



Katrina Gwynne-Jones Blog:


“The inevitable summoning of death is an evaded topic today in our culture. We frequently choose to neglect and suppress emotions encompassing death by allowing a small period of time to grieve as we must “get on” with our busy lives. In reality, a death can have an ever lasting effect on your own life but if approached positively and you allow yourself to grieve appropriately, time will heal.

This work aims to address emotions surrounding death and influence a healthy recognition of grief.”




London Exhibition Trip Part 3 (Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize)

Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to this, but here we go…

So the next day (Friday 30th November) we began our day with the National Portrait Gallery. We heading straight for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. A very interesting collection of images some beautiful, some average. I thought that the nude child images that were presented by various artists were kind of a “been done” thing. I believe sally man did a beautiful job documenting her own children in the vast spaces of her ranch in the US but the deliberately staged shot on offer her just felt… well…. wrong!

The main prizes were awarded as follows:

I came across some I absolutely loved, including the overall winner Jordi Ruiz Cirera (photograph of Margarita Teichroeb). His winning piece is in the current British Journal of Photography, where I first saw the image, I love how peaceful the subject seems yet at the same time, quite uncomfortable.Image

We can have an insight into how and why the image was shot thanks to writer and artist Katherine Tyrrell, to follow is a small segment from her interview with the photographer:

“I asked him why he chose this particular photograph of Margarita and he told me because it was his favourite photograph of all the ones he had taken (some 30 or so).  He took her picture at the home she shares with her mother and sister in the Swift Current Colony in Bolivia.As a community, the Menonites live with no cars, telephones, electricity or modern utilities and consequently photography is not a normal part of their lives, is usually forbidden and hence most were very awkward and often looked away from the camera.  In this photograph, she sits centre stage and looks directly at the camera – although her shyness comes across with the hand across her mouth and through the expression in her eyes.”

Another image that I really enjoyed was Peer Lindgreen’s Julie hill. Image

Very nicely shot and almost world war 2esque.


Here is Alex Pavesi Fiori’s Lola Smoking. The image is from the series “Off the set”. A series of beautiful traditionally shot images.


This image is one of my absolute favourites. David bailey, shot in his kitchen. In the information card below the presented image Bailey had stated that he liked Rick Morris Pushinsky because he was fast. I love this image because of the colours and the lovely depth of field used.

ImageI have included this image of Jenny by Kamil Szkopic simply because of its sheer simplistic beauty. The choice of blue background here works in pure harmony with the light skin tone and dark hair of the subject. I am unable to fins out about what lighting was used here but it seems as though natural light has played a part in the creation.

Elsewhere in the National Portrait Gallery there was a collection of Royal Family images by Testino, I wasn’t the biggest fan but one image in particular of Prince William really grabbed my attention.


really enjoyed the lighting used in this image, the richness of the blacks in the suit on printing and how Prince William exudes charm at such a young age.

My favourite image in the whole gallery is Actors Last Supper by Alistair Morrison, known for taking great celebrity portraits (The old image of Rowan Atkinson is one of my favourites from the photographer) Image

This small image in no way does it justice, it has to be viewed to gage the humour, extravagance and simplistic beauty along with the facial expressions of the perfect array of actors and actress and I just love the attention to detail here. The theme has been done before but not on this scale of perfection, in terms of replication of the original religious scene, so well.

Overall great exhibition and an interesting gallery, one I definitely need to revisit to take in the whole building.

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London Exhibition Trip part 2

The final exhibition we went to see on the Thursday was Tom Wood’s Men & Women. The exhibition consists of work collected  by recording the daily lives of people from Liverpool and the Merseyside area over several decades.

Wood mixes images of strangers with family and family friend’s portraits. His work although documentary by nature comes across much more fluid. It connects as an exploration through the mediums of photography (Wood beautifully connects Black & White imagery with colour, photographic styles with various photographic mediums) as well as celebrating the city of Liverpool and its surrounding areas.

There are also a selection of rarely seen photography book by the artist on show which was really interesting including Looking for Love (1989), All Zones off Peak (1998) and Photieman, (2005) – as well as a selection of vintage work prints, giving an overview of his important publishing output and an insight into his working methods.
Even though he has exhibited internationally a number of times, this is his first major solo UK based exhibition.

I enjoyed this exhibition and really like the space although some of the images really didn’t seem to fit and were a little out of context. 


Something I must express was the amazing Photographer’s Gallery book shop in the basement of the gallery. They have books which are now out of print in the UK at amazing prices. you can shop online here –

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Personal Professional Development Presentation

Last Tuesday I presented on the topic of my own personal and professional development for 15 minutes.

15 minutes is an incredibly daunting amount of time to talk about yourself and where you want to go with your life professionally.

I managed to come in at just over 14 minutes so that side of things worked out just fine but after watching everyone else’s presentations I began to realise I had missed out some vital components.
My main slip up was that I hadn’t included any where near enough artist research. I literally had 3 images to present as the sort of work I would like to be creating as a portrait photographer and I hadn’t even put in the artist names and under the pressure I couldn’t remember 2 of them! Nightmare! In terms of explaining why had decided on portraiture (something I feel really comfortable with as well as excited every time) I think I was pretty clear and I outlined where I needed to develop to be able to achieve what the ‘mystery artists’ had done, looking at lighting, what equipment I will need etc.

I felt that in terms of a career plan I had things laid out quite well but hadn’t set myself a time frame to achieve everything mentioned in. I did discuss what I had done professionally so far and how this wasn’t for me (fashion work) but that it was valuable experience in terms of dealing with clients and personal practice. I also expressed my interest in the possibility of having my own studio one day to be able to have people come in for portraits, mentioning that I will be presenting a kind of preview of this at the inovation fair on the 12/12/12.

I looked into how I could go about publishing my work through various magazines, I could continue to exhibit and how if my work was sold through this I could use this money to fund other projects whilst the studio money would pay the bills so to speak.

I concluded my presentation by presenting the steps I will take to achieve what I had outlined, how my contributing to the industry in this way would be meaningful and finally, what I will need to succeed in the most basic terms:

  • Patience and determination.

  • Plenty of contacts and the ability to generate new contacts through being

    confident enough to approach people and good use of marketing.

  • Confidence to charge people what my services are worth.

  • The drive to continue my personal work along side paid work.

  • Functioning website.

  • Business cards.

  • Good use of social media.

  • Regular blog posting.

  • All linked together to get a much wider audience.

  • A good, accessable, studio space.

  • Range of backdrops.

  • Professional Lighting Kit.

  • Transport for locations shooting. 

Overall I am quite happy with my presentation, I can see a few areas where I could of done much better and I could really do with developing my ability to present to a group as I can get very anxious! 

I know what I can do to achieve all of this, I just need to really focus.

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