Final images for my exhibition: Getting Late

I wanted to post all of my images for my final exhibition. Now on show at Holy Trinity Church Leeds until the 1st June.

These images are all displayed with the audio from the interview for each subject.

carl Image 1 (2) (2) Image 1 (3) Image 1 natalie welf1

Above is the video which I displayed separately to ask the ultimate question of “Are you afraid of death?” to the subjects.

All of these images were taken on my Kiev 88 medium format camera using the Arsat 2.8mm lens, no hood. I wanted to use natural light in all of my images so made sure each of my subjects were near a window.
All ll images were scanned in and edited digitally using photoshop to adjust tones very slightly and remove any dust. I really like how no two images are the same, I feel this reflects the idea behind the work that no two people experience death and grief identically. Everyone has very different experiences in life and to reflect individual personalities I decided to edit the images minimally and use the ones that caught the most of what I know of the subjects to be “them”.

There are a few light flares and overlapping of film issues in the images but consider all as happy accidents. Again, I feel it nicely reflects the idea of individuality in experience.


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