Contact Photo Festival goings on…

The organisation for the festival requires quite a bit of attention, naturally. The members of the course have been taking on various tasks to make sure the whole thing comes together successfully. With various social media platforms being ran, promotional material to be designed, media to contact and maps to be drawn out, everybody is busy.



This map for the locations was created by course member, Lucy Newman. She also created the whole brochure and a couple of posters which will be displayed around Leeds and it’s Universities. 


I had some information from Scott, the creative director for Arts@Trinity, that there was a Leeds University Union Music Society concert on the same night as my opening night in the next room so I got in touch.

I spoke with Anna, the Chamber Music manager, and we decided to forge an alliance to promote one another around the city and in Universities. I sent her my own personal exhibition poster and the Contact Photo Festival poster. Image

To increase promotion of the festival I have also arranged for a A0 poster, both my own and the festival poster, to be displayed outside the Holy Trinity Church right next to an entrance/exit to the new Trinity shopping centre. Hopefully this helps to draw in more of a crowd! 

My own images have come together nicely. They will be displayed accompanied by the conversation had with each individual subject on the topic of death and grief. Headphones will be provided with each image so to allow the viewer feel a stronger, more personal connection with each subject. 

I will update again soon with further updates on exhibition preparations!

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One thought on “Contact Photo Festival goings on…

  1. Have you considered entering The Digital Lightroom Photography Competition? The theme is ‘Still Life’. It’s free to enter and there are prizes worth $400. You can find all the details here We’d love to see your entries. 🙂

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